Stefania Ricci, born in Ivrea (TO) in 1974, she graduated with honors in 1999 at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin but the year before she had made her debut with "Still", portraits and environments wrapped in white cloths, exhibiting at the invitation of Franz Paludetto at the Castello di Rivara (TO) in a personal curated by Maria Teresa Roberto. Since then she has participated in several group exhibitions in Turin, Genoa, New York ("Nursery Cryme" at the Williamsbourg Art & Hystorical Center), Milan, Modena, always looking for new inspirations: after a workshop with the photographer George Rousse, she creates a work dedicated to still lifes exhibited in 2002 by Art & Arts in Turin and in 2003 by Angelo Falzone in Manheim. In 2003 she elaborated the first images in contact with blades of grass thrown on sensitive paper - exhibited in the Versus VIII exhibition - in 2004 she created an installation-photographic project, with the first works of the natural series, in collaboration with the municipality of Ivrea for the ancient synagogue of the city. She consolidates her work on nature looking for a synthesis between trace, shadow, figurative and abstract image. With the cycle of natural ensembles that continues today, she participates in various exhibitions and is a finalist for the "Cairo Arte 2005 Award" while in the following years she begins work cycles dedicated to Mirabilia. A work extrapolated from the “Butterfly Collection” cycle, a Hanukkah, is included in the collection of lights of the Casale Monferrato synagogue and, in 2010, is exhibited in Paris at the Museum of Art et Histoire du Judaisme. On this last line, research on insects, on Chinese vases, on dioramas, on oriental carpets, on ex-votos, on theaters up to the recent "Star maps" photographic installation in which the images are animated by micro movements thanks to an intervention by video mapping, presented at MIA Fair 2016 by the Rob Shazar gallery, and at Palazzo Ducale in Genoa the same year. In 2017 she presented the work Natural ensembles in a new guise at the personal exhibition at the Broletto in Pavia. In 2019 she exhibited two large photographic installations dedicated to a veiled portrait, one to Chinese vases, in Vercelli at the location of the Leone archaeological museum on the occasion of the "Extra" exhibition, the same year she participated in the exhibition "from daguerreotype to digital" at the Technical Museum Electric in Pavia. In 2019 she participates in the Paris fotofever international fair, and in 2020 on the occasion of the 15th photofestival, she exhibits at the Melesi gallery in Lecco on the occasion of the exhibition “analogie Latenti”.